Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Designer Focus - Lewis Waters [New Complexity]

Lewis Waters is an experimental instrument designer and luthier based in Melbourne, Australia.
His startup company 'New Complexity' centres on developing instruments with unique sound and tonality, while retaining the familiarity and playability of traditional guitar design.
All devices are available for sale, and each are crafted with acute attention to detail.

The 'Harmonic Master' is a twelve string guitar which emits chiming overtones through use of an amplified third bridge. 

The bridge pieces can be tuned to different ratios, and the third bridge pickup can be routed through effects separate to the primary dual course strings.

The 'Harmonic Isolator' takes third bridge sympathetic resonance to an extreme, with 4:3 string field ratio. The neck features a microtonal fretboard to more closely approximate a "just intonation" harmonic scale, and both the primary and complementary courses have accurate intonation adjustment.

The instrument is also available with a sustaniac - all of the droning harmonics you could ever wish for.

For the faint of heart, Lewis also produces more traditional designs.
The 'Contra' will provide you with vintage Teisco styling with the superior build quality and reliability of a modern guitar.